Susan_KoppermanWelcome to the 2020 season!  We offer business casual and executive suiting collections that continue to express my passionate belief that getting dressed for “work” should be simple and that your clothes should look professional without ever compromising ease and comfort. I hope you enjoy these outstanding corporate apparel collections, and that the pieces will serve your corporate branding, identity and mission!

I also want to share a little bit of what has been on my mind lately. A big subject I keep returning to is the idea of “business as a movement.” I’m so inspired by the amazing ways a business, as a community of people, can make a positive difference‐on a large scale and maybe even more importantly, on a small scale. I see this “movement” taking root in wonderful ways: in designing clothes that are “fashion‐forward,” functional and allow you to “Wear your Success!”

We are working to create a sustainable path, in working with factories around greater efficiencies in energy, in sending shipments by sea rather than air, in partnering with customers to care for clothes in a more environmentally friendly way.

What makes me most proud, as I work with companies, is how people I collaborate with every day brings his or her unique self to the process.  One project at a time, my company and yours, creating a positive impact.