Smart Casual Logo Wear

smart casual uniforms executive suitingEmployers around the country are shifting dress code guidelines to office uniforms with a twist, in order to promote a more polished appearance among employees.  But guess what? The new rules also seek to accommodate personal taste and expression, encouraging staffers to showcase their personalities through the clothing they wear to work.  What is “Smart Casual”?  Smart Casual fits somewhere on the spectrum between boardroom attire (think dark-colored suits) and business casual (Khakis and Polo shirts).  It’s built on dress-up basics such as oxford shirts, slacks, blouses and scarves, but it gives the employee the freedom to style their clothing in accordance with fashion trends and personal preference.  Take a look at what’s new: sport coats, blazers, pullover sweaters, shirting and modern blouses.  Wear your Success with Susan Kopperman. Click here for an exclusive price quote and purchasing advice.