corporate uniform program building blocksCareerlook, was established in 1987 by “people decorator” Susan Kopperman.  A company’s image directly correlates with its public perception.  A valued employee that is well dressed demonstrates corporate success.
Striving to use the BUILDING BLOCKS of logo design, color and function, our team at Careerlook works to build a unique career apparel program that incorporates garment design, fabric and color, along with your distinctive logo.
Careerlook provides a variety of corporate apparel including:

  • Business Casual Uniforms
  • Custom Private Label Uniform Program
  • In-Stock Executive Suiting
  • T-Shirts and Promotional Products

Along with Corporate Apparel, Careerlook has the ability to provide warehousing, account management and distribution.
Our reputation is built on two strong foundations:  We pride ourselves in the quality of our product and our commitment to providing the customer with the highest level of customer support and service.